Beyonce and Her Amazing Style.

Beyonce -- Who Run The World

Who hasn’t seen Beyonce‘s new video? No one? That’s what I thought. She looks bananas. Not only is it a powerful song, but, as always, she comes hard and strong with another phenomenal video. Beyonce always looks fabulous, particularly in her videos, but I’ve had a few people ask me how to get one of the looks in the video. So, as always, I succumb to the pressure of my amazing readers…

I chose this specific look because I think to the non-professional makeup artist eye it looks as simple as can be. But, there are a few tricks and a few cool things that you can do to obtain this look.

One -- as always- skin. You can never be good enough to your skin. So, start with a great moisturizer. As most of you know, I use Embryolisse. I truly do not think there is a better moisturizer out there for a good makeup application. You can use it under any foundation regardless if it is a water based, oil based etc and it will not break down.

Two -- Once your skin is prepped, find a great light foundation with great coverage. Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation is amazing. Or, if you or your model already has picture perfect skin, use the new OCC Tint (which we have previously written about). Personally, I would take a foundation brush and stipple it on gently to get that flawless coverage. After using the brush, take the amazing Beauty Blender (spray once lightly with water or toner works wonders) and with quick flicks of the wrist work it gently across your face.

Three -- Set your makeup with a setting powder. Laura Mercier makes an amazing one as well as Makeup Forever’s HD Powder

Four -- Bronze those cheeks! Have your model or make yourself smile. Apple of the cheeks are key, tap the bronzer on the apple of the cheek and then make a brush stroke toward your temple. Try Urban Decay Baked Bronzer for a beautiful, not too heavy look.

Five -- Her eyes are stunning in this image. There are numerous ways to obtain this look. I will write what I think to be the easiest. After priming the eye, take a medium brown color and spread it all over the lid. Take a deep brownish eggplant purple and put it lightly over the lid as well and then with a eye shader brush and focus it on the crease and bring it right past the corner then take a pencil brush and bring that color around to under the eye and blend it lightly to the tear duct. Make it slightly deeper on the inner corner.

Six -- Take a black liner and line the whole eye. TIP- line the tear line on the top as well as bottom, it will make a world of difference.

Seven -- You need to highlight under the brow. Take a product like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Soft and Gentle and blend it under the brow bone.

Eight -- Take an angle brush and your brow powder. Lightly fill your brows to take away any gaps and make them look a little fuller.

Nine Mascara those lashes! There is no difference in an appearance than a beautifully mascara’d lash. Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara is a great mascara. TIP: Take a disposable makeup sponge and lay it gently on your lid and work that mascara so the brush hits the sponge and not your lid or brow bone.

Ten -- The lips. These gorgeous golden lips. So, let’s say you can’t find a gold lip stick like this. What do you do? TIP: Take a gold pigment for the eye and a clear lip gloss and mix them together. There you go, there is your golden lipstick. I saw David Klasfeld, owner of OCC Cosmetics, speak and do a demonstration this past week and he gave an amazing lip stick trick. Don’t use a lip brush, use an angle brush. You can hit all the places you need to hit with fantastic precision. I tried this on a shoot the next day and it was perfection.

So, there is your Beyonce look. Try it out and tweet me the results.