Vogue June 2011::::: Penélope Cuz

Penélope Cuz Takes Over The Pages of Vogue June 2011


Could someone explain to me – How have we arrived to June? It feels like it was last week when I wrote the same rant, it was March now we’re already in mid 2011 and Vogue US is finally bringing a nice face to it’s new issue. “The Dream Life of Penelope Cruz“ is an editorial spread featuring the Spanish actress in Dolce & Gabbana photographed by (of course) Mario Testino.


“One second,” she says. She dips her head and dabs at her face. I fear I am about to be removed from the hotel, forever banned for making Penélope Cruz cry. But now she is laughing and crying at the same time. “This has never happened to me,” she says. “This is really funny. I’m sorry. It’s unexpected.”