Designers is presented to us with elements of nostalgia for the past.

Designer prom dresses

Most collections for big and famous designer brands associated with Prom and Evening wear is in stores and is obvious that the tendency from the Worldwide Runways is being continued. The 2011 Prom collection is full with elements of nostalgia for our past. To be exact we see elements from the 70's, the era of Jerry Hall and Bianka Jagger, a sweet reminder for all "Dallas" fans of the elegance and class of Pam or Sue Ellen. The woman has found and regain her femininity shown through the fitted mermaid cuts and accented by dazzling rhinestone and sequins details. Embroidery, lace work, see through illusions are few other "tricks" used from the designer to add that extra punch to a feminine dress for those that don't mind the risk and lobe to be the center of the attention.






So what to look

Just the name itself is a representation of class, luxury, trendy, absolute must have! The new collection presented by the Jovani house was everything we expected and much more....From feminine mermaid dresses, romantic bold prints, sexy front slit, cascade of glittering trains and of course the see through illusion lace work, they have them all. If you are after ruffles and rosette/ flower applique, or if you want fitted sexy body hugging cuts then go with a Jovani dress. With the high quality and craftsmanship you will know why you are paying premium prices. As soon as you put on the dress you dreamed about every one around you is looking at you with amazement. Premium A++ stones and high quality fabrics used by the designer will add to the high fashion feel and look you are after.

Buy your Jovani dress only from an authorized retailer. As the brand continues to grow there have been many impostors trying to sell an imitation Jovani dress as an authentic Jovani dress and that is true for brick and mortar stores as well as online stores. That is why you should buy from a retailer that has a recognized name from the designer. A great choice will be Net Fashion Avenue- which was awarded with the Jovani award "Excellence in Prom". By buying your dress with an awarded authorized retailer you will know that your investment is safe as you are buying a true Jovani dress!

The fascinating world

Sherri Hill Red Carpet/  Evening dress 3817

She is well known with her achievements in the pageant world as one of the favorite designers to wear for the contestant to be able to WOW the crowd and the judges. But more then that Sherri Hill has the ability to understand the needs of the young and sweet 16 year old girls and then turn around and create a more mature, sexy short or long dresses for the grown- up women. Is so effortless to create the sweet and innocent Princess like gowns and babydoll dress for the sweet sixteen or prom night and mix those in her collection with a vamp like feminine, head turning evening gowns worthy to be worn on every Red Carpet event there is around the world.

So no surprise here in the Sherri Hill 2011 Prom Collection. The entire collection blasts with refreshing pastel colors in intriguing short/ long skirts, sweet babydoll cut, fully sequined cocktail or evening dresses, flaring empire gowns, feather skirts or simple feather accents and then sparkles and more sparkles. The styles of the dresses covers all the body types. We all know Sherri Hill stands only by high quality and premium materials possible for the asking price so there are no changes there.

Authentic Sherri Hill dresses are offered now only from authorized retailers which were approved from the Sherri Hill designer house after meeting the requirement the designer has to be able to become an authorized retailer for the brand. Every Sherri Hill dress comes with authenticity tag attached so that you can register your dress on the designer's website. You can find a large selection of in stock Sherri Hill dresses at Net Fashion Avenue but if you want to make sure you get your dream Sherri Hill dress by prom start looking now as Sherri Hill dresses are difficult to keep in- they are so wanted!

Sherri Hill 2011 Prom collection

Some of the most wanted styles from the designer's new collection

2011 Prom collection

Paris by Tony Bowls 2011 Leopard Prom dress 111701

"Evening fashion must be fabulous. Don't just be the BEST." With that Tony Bowls said it all. He strives to be the BEST and he delivers collection after collection. With the 3 divisions- Le Gala, Paris and the short prom collections Tony Bowls has amazed us of how well he understands and portrays the desire of every women to be beautiful, admired and unique. Each design has it's own spin and there is no another alike.

The Paris 2011 collection is sleek, wild, vibrant, glittering and most definitely eye catching. Bold Prints and romantic flower prints add that extra touch to this fabulous collection offered at reasonable prices.

The Le Gala 2011 Collection is made with the younger women in mind. Feminine cut but in vibrant colors, solid or with print, one shoulder or strapless all the designs will make even Cinderella rave for your dress.

The short collection includes a list of trendy and chic short cocktail dresses. Thanks to the fabulous designs and cuts those dresses are easy to wear to your prom, homecoming, next party event or even to a wedding rehearsal or wedding reception. The color palette is outstanding and there is a dress for every woman's taste or body shape.

Tony Bowls collections are offered only through authorized retailers. You can start shopping at Net Fashion Avenue, which proudly carries all Tony Bowls lines in all colors from size ranging from 0 to 16. If you have a specific date you need your dress by start shopping early to avoid another "Belle" snatching your dress from under you in your size, as Tony Bowls dresses sell quickly.

2011 Prom Collection

An editorial image of several cocktail dresses from the 2011 Collection from Tony Bowls

King of Princess Ballgown


Who can better incorporate the silhouette of a Goddess with a dose of a modern mixture to obtain a breath taking result? Mac Duggal is known to create spectacular evening dress and his clientele is around the world- Saudi Arabia, USA, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Greece, United Kingdom, Canada and many many more. His designs are known to be very elegant, classy, feminine, royalty inspired and he delivers one of the most beautiful high fashion creations, where every gown is exactly that- a fashion creation! He knows the woman body very well and through his designs he accomplishes the impossible- no matter what your occasion is, if you are wearing a Mac Duggal dress you will have a grand appearance where everyone will stop to admire you and your dress! His designs are not like any others and that gets appreciated even in Hollywood where Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing the spectacular feathered dress 81077P in the upcoming movie "Country Strong".

The exclusive Pageant line offered by Mac Duggal is every pageant girl's dream dress! All gowns are made of the finest material, Swarovski crystals, and A++ Jewels and embroidery. Every gown has it's own fashion statement and if you love to transform yourself into a Grecian Goddess with an unique sensual feel then that is a collection for you. Most of those gowns take approx 10 weeks for production but some are in stock ready to ship.

The Mac Duggal Prom collection offers nothing less but the finest gowns in fabulous colors and unique Princess Like designs. From short to long the gowns make you dream again and they will make you feel like the most beautiful Princess there is.

The Mac Duggal Couture Evening Collection is a fashion poetry for Mother of the Brides that want to look different and want to wear a sophisticated but yet sexy design. The gowns are offered in a large color spectrum and in different materials and cuts to be able to serve several body types. So if you are looking for the expected yet classy look then that is the collection for you.

Mac Duggal Collections can be found only in the finest boutique and you can purchase them through authorized retailers only. On the web a trusted source for Mac Duggal gowns will be where the fashion advisors will be able to help you select the dress that is made for you so that you can shine at your next Red Carpet Event.

2011 collections

Beauty of the fabulous collections...


2011 Collection


There is something special to say about a collection that makes you want to dress up and go out. About a dress collection that gives joy to feel a live and beautiful! The Terani Couture 2011 Collection is probably the best collection yet presented by the designer house. Fabulous colors, exquisite fine materials, premium A +++ stones for a full feminine and lustrous one of a kind designer dresses! The Terani Couture dresses are not news for Hollywood where just last spring the famous 1318P style was presented on stage by one of the contestant on American Idol. There is no other collection that so in tune with the latest tendency on the World High Fashion Runways that bring you all the latest details at a good price point over which the designer house has a full control.

All Terani Couture collections are sold exclusively through authorized retailers. For the entire collection you can visit where most dresses are in stock. Net Fashion Avenue is a Premier Authorize Retailer for Terani Couture and they comply totally with the designer's house price policy.

Terani dress 35263GL

Cocktail dress - Evening Dress