John Galliano King of Dior

John Galliano sacked by his own label
PARIS |, with agencies - April 20, 2011

John Galliano, previously designer for Dior, was famously sacked by the top fashion label Dior on March 1 following anti-Semitic remarks he had made in a bar in Marais. His comments were filmed and published on the internet.

The story continues: John Galliano was just fired by the company which is named after him, according to the American fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily and several press agencies including AFP which took up the story.

Without specifying the source of the information the journalist mentions that Mr. Galliano, at the age of 50, has been “formally made redundant” by the company John Galliano, 91 per cent owned by Dior. Closing the company “is not an immediate priority for its owners”, despite this being in the obvious interest of its Chinese, Italian, and Middle Eastern investors.