Clothing Trends 2011

Maxi dress goes sheer

Every season some trends evolve, and every season couple of styles unify. In this, spring 2011 there would be virtually nothing different from that. What’s going to be different, however, is the season’s take on a basic, for many women’s summer wardrobe: the maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are literally in stores for some time. In spring 2011 it’ll unite with another style favorite to give us the sheer maxi dress trend. . The sheer maxi dress style is more or less boho (bohemian). It can be worn with sandals in the warmer months or boots and a chunky cardigan on cooler days. These are available in wide variety vermica, mesh, lace trimmed and silk. So, get into the 2011 spring style and feel chic and laid back at the same time.

Tail hems: dresses longer at the back

Few call it as Shirttail hem, tapered hem, cutaway hem or whatever you want to call these styles. ‘Tail Hems’ continue their reign as the more interesting alternative to both the summer mini skirt and maxi dress at times. This year they are back in trend. Skirts or Dresses longer at the back or popularly known tail hem is a simple route to make your closet fresh with a new type of cut. The charm of dresses longer at back or tail hem is because of its playful design. Particularly if it’s cut is like an untucked shirt or oversize tee. One side coveys the elegance of length, while the second hints at something more revealing.

Lace clothing

Lace has always been considered as beautiful and flirty, at same time it’s romantic, feminine and totally chic. Lace has evolved over many seasons and this spring 2011 it’s being considered as a classic trend. Lace unified with quality antique-style fabrics is the key to the trend. Expect to see colored lace suiting, dresses and feminine skirts mostly paired with spring’s bouquet of floral fabrics and trims.

Crochet & macramé

Crochet and macramé are the two fabric finishes that definitely had to return for spring 2011: the re-rise of 70s fashion, the popularity of nautical, and a love for lace guaranteed it. The crochet spring/summer 2011 fashion trend encourages us to wear some of the ethnic and also Boho chic inspired clothes that would add a more sophisticated and versatile twist to our clothing style.

If you’re into turning your summer clothing style into a low key still colorful and inspiring one it is a must for you to shop for these collections.

Bell bottoms

Together with the return of all the things of 1970s it was inevitable that fashion forward people would certainly turn to bell bottoms flared pants as their style of choice. With skinny pants and jeans nowadays so common that they can no longer make a fashion statement.

Wide leg pants

As the cold days are just starting to settle in, a number of us are already trying to find out how we can update our wardrobe for the spring season to come. Those of you that have invested in flared pants for the fall winter season of 2010-2011 you are in great fortune since this trend will still be going strong for the warmer season. Impeccably chic 70s-style, high-waisted flared pants/trousers are making a huge comeback! Like it or detest it, they hit the highs of your figure with a flattering waist and broad legs and promise to convey a sleek, sophisticated new-season look.

Capri pants

For almost any trend exists its opposite trend. Thus as spring summer 2011′s fashion trends grant us to welcome flares back into our closets, so likewise does it allow for an opposite expressive style, in the form of capri pants, to produce a showing.


Usually a little detail is all it takes to alter the tone of a garment. In spring 2011 one of the most popular trims is one that signifies luxury or, at times, the exotic. Tassels used to be symbols of wealthiness and power for military superior generals and priests. So find out items with well made silk or leather tassels. This is a good, beautiful trend and you should adopt this to update your style. It’s simple to wear a tassel on a purse or a zipper-pull. Embellishing everything from handbags to shoes, to dresses and hats.


Like colors, stripes are a dominant part of any spring / summer season, though usually, featuring a variation on the theme. Spring 2011 sees stripes with an unsurprising nautical dominance. The nautical stripes give a classic style and casual appeal. The nautical look was made fashionable in 20’s by Coco Chanel.

Jumpsuits & playsuits

As the summers are approaching it’s time to dress up our wardrobe with playful dash. The playsuits & jumpsuits are the best choice to put on comfy chic style items that are definitely a hit this season. Depending on the mood and your personality you can choose from skin-tight and body-con pieces to more chic –teen style or some bulky creations.

Crop tops

Crop tops were one of the key trends back in 2009. These tops are a high-summer look tops and this 2011 spring summer they are back in fashion. They really look great for hot weathers and summer parties or wear on some festival celebrations (open atmosphere).