Dress Collection for Spring 2011

Victoria Beckham's Dress Collection

At New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham exhibited her Spring 2011 Dress Collection which showcases a sensuality of woman.

Victoria Beckham introduced her Dress Collection for Spring 2011 at New York Fashion Week in September 2010. At New York Fashion Week, she was the center of attention and the line of dresses became the must see show as well as was severely admired by the fashion press. The collection for Spring 2011 includes soft feminine dresses and a new variety of designer handbags motivated by her own life.

The collection of Victoria Beckham for Spring 2011 was all about commemoration of curves and dresses that showcases a woman’s sensuality. The dresses include designs prepared from parachute silk with gentle draping. The former Spice Girl’s collection includes 26 dresses out of which only one dress featured a corset. Victoria Beckham's Dress Collection includes a lot of smart dresses, day dresses, evening dresses, a lot of bold colour and tailored fits. She used a lot of peaches, white, nude, black, ultraviolet, metallics with a splash of bold yellow and mandarin orange hues.

She kept many dresses fairly fitted and sharply cut while other dresses were flowing and long with girly accents. Designs of the dresses include sleeveless dresses with a belted waist and puff ball skirt. Grecian style dresses are also there in the collection which features loose flowing material that was assembled above one shoulder and then hung down in folds.Some dresses had a plain slash neck while other dresses had a plunging neckline and a thigh high slit.

Nearly, all the most fashionable women love the dresses of Victoria Beckham. The collection of Victoria Beckham is perfect for the spring and the crisp lines as well as minimum detailing made the collection unique yet very wearable. With good-looking enfolds of sumptuous material her evening gowns were minimal yet luxurious. In Spring 2011 Collection, Victoria Beckham also presents a variety of bags and sunglasses.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 collection: