10 ways to look Good

For Good Looking


Every woman wants to look attractive and sensuous. And to look attractive you don't really have to bare all. All you have to do is add a few unexpected touches and adopt some glamorous essentials. Are you wondering what these are? Well here are 10 ways to look stunning without sacrificing your modesty.

1. Wear something ordinary in an unexpected way

Well that doesn't mean that you have to wear your favourite dress inside out or tear your Mum's saree and make a wrap around skirt with it. All you have to do is wear something ordinary which you would have worn anyways but in a slightly different manner. For example, take a basic man s white shirt (slightly oversized), unbutton it, wrap it so that one side overlaps the over and tuck it in.

2. Do red lipstick.

Pale lips may be trendy, but nothing does the job like red. Use lip-liner for a perfect appearance, choose a creamy matte in a red that best suits your skin tone. Use a light hand for the rest of the face because the lips should take center stage.

3. Accessorize with earrings.

Keep your makeup soft. Except shoulder-duster earrings don't wear any other piece of jewelry. This look goes great with bare shoulders and updos.

4. Accessorize with scarf.

Nothing attracts attention than a scarf which will gel wonderfully with the dress you wear. Thus a lovely dress and a lovely scarf is a deadly combination.

5. Go monochromatic.

Black may be sexy, but this season monochromatic dressing is in vogue. Monochromatic dressing creates a vertical image that makes you look tall and slim instantly. Look for simple shapes (the story here is the fabric and colour, not the line of the outfit) and tones that flatter your skin color.

6. Adopt an exotic look.

A dress which has a historical and cultural value always draws attention. Bandhni prints, Rajasthani dresses, Harem pants and embroidered items all have ethnic looks with tons of feminine charm. The mandarin-collar dress from China is flattering, chic and always intriguing.

7. Wear shades.

Perhaps the single sexiest item you can own are a great pair of sunglasses. They add tons of mystery, look cute even on top of your head and actually serve the practical purpose of protecting your eyes.

8. A sexy back

If you have a sexy back then this is the time to flaunt it. Wear open back dresses which not only will make you look stunning but will also make a bold fashion statement.

9. Go for soft fabrics.

Make sure that the fabric you wear is soft to touch because they not only look sexy but also feels good to wear giving you confidence and an elegant look. Cashmere, silky satin, buttery soft suedes are the real scene-stealers.

10. Accessorize with a sexy handbag.

Pick a handbag that compliments your figure and dress.