Katie turns fashion critic for her own magazine

Katie Price slates Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Holly Willoughby and Tulisa's style as she turns fashion critic for her own magazine
By Sarah Fitzmaurice

She has her own brand of clothing so fans can emulate her unique dress sense but it seems that Katie Price has also fashioned herself into a style critic.

And Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Holly Willoughby and Tulisa Constostavlos have all come under fire from the outspoken model turned businesswoman.

In her latest venture, her magazine Katie, the 33-year-old launched a scathing attack on Cheryl’s colour blocking ensemble which she wore on her debut day as an X Factor USA host.


Style guru? Katie Price, who donned a gold catsuit for her book signing in July, has slated Cheryl Cole's style in her new magazine

Katie wrote: ‘The whole thing is absolutely hideous.

‘I don't know who's responsible for the outfit and the horrific hair but I hope Cheryl sacked them.It looks like she's put on weight.’

The mother-of-three also offered her opinion on Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmember Nicola Roberts, and the critique was equally damming.

Katie said: ‘She always gets it wrong. She is trying to be unique but she doesn't have the confidence to carry it off.’

Drag Queen? Th 33-year-old, admits her own style can be dodgy and says she likes the drag queen look


Strong opinions: Katie said that Nicola Roberts always gets it wrong in the style stakes and said Holly Willoughby was 'mumsy'

And Holly Willoughby, 30 also got the Katie Price fashion appraisal and the model declared the This Morning presenter's style to be ‘very mumsy’ despite her ‘young’ age.

She explained: ‘You don't ever see her looking really sexy, do you?’

Katie also does not approve of Tulia's glamorous makeover as X Factor judge.


Old style: Katie has also said she prefers to Tulia's old look, seen in 2009, right, compared with her polished look on X Factor

She professed: 'From what I know of Tulisa's style, I much preferred how she used to look, you know, a bit more street.'

While Katie was dishing out the style advice she did admit her own style could be ‘very dodgy’ and explained: ‘I love the drag queen look.’

All about Katie: Pricey has offered her style advice in her self-titled magazine

She also realised that not everyone appreciates her unique look and said: ‘What I wear is not really everyone's cup of tea, is it?’

The first edition of her own magazine also reveals how the model doesn’t wear any sun protection when in the sun.

She explains: ‘I know I should use an SPF but I go on the sunbed at home so much I hardly ever burn.’

Her magazine also offers readers advice on how to achieve her huge hair as well as an interview with her friend and TOWIE star Lauren Pope.