Extreme Cleavage Plunging necklines latest style trend celebrities sinking low

Extreme Cleavage: Plunging necklines are the latest style trend, but are some celebrities sinking too low?
By Anna Pursglove

There's no telling just how low a female celebrity will be prepared to go when it comes to getting herself noticed on the red carpet.

In the case of Jennifer Aniston, the answer is: very low indeed.

Last week, the star wore a metallic silver mini-dress to an awards ceremony that was slashed so deeply at the front (as shown in the picture below) that her belly button was in danger of catching cold.

She’s the latest in a long line of famous women to embrace the eye-catching and very risque fashion for ‘extreme cleavage’ dresses.

Ms Aniston certainly grabbed the headlines, but did she get the look right? Some commentators suggested that, at the age of 42, Jen had fallen into the mutton-dressed-as-lamb trap. Possibly, but when that mutton happens to be just as attractive as the lamb, why not show it off?

No, the problem with her dress is nothing to do with age-appropriateness. It’s all down to the fact that it breaks all the rules of extreme cleavage.

The most important plunging neckline commandment is that if your bosom is on display, everything else must be covered up. Flashing the flesh works only if you do just that — flash it, don’t put the whole lot on display.
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has the slender frame to carry off
this midnight blue creation

Then there’s the issue of fake tan. A red carpet gown often demands a bit of a glow (unless you’re deliberately working that January Jones alabaster skin thing), but a large expanse of fake-baked flesh not only cheapens the outfit, it also ages the wearer. Jennifer definitely went too far with the bronzer.

And should you be brave enough to consider an extreme cleavage, it’s important not to make the look too fussy with over-enthusiastic embellishment and accessories. The plunge itself should provide all the excitement you need.