Kelly Brook Fifties fashion style me

Kelly Brook: Fifties fashion will never go out of style with me!
By Christine Smith

Model and TV star Kelly Brook, 31, shot to fame on the Big Breakfast more than a decade ago. She lives in Kent and is dating former rugby player Thom Evans.
Pretty in pink: Kelly Brook knows what to wear to flatter her shape


I love Fifties fashion — I’m quite curvy and have one of those shapes that really suits this era’s clothes. I can try on a million dresses but I always go back to a classic Fifties shape.

One of my favourite designers is Emilia Wickstead. I’ve got a pink dress by her that is inspired by the Fifties and I always feel like a million dollars whenever I wear it because the dress is so bright and cheerful. Her dresses are chic, feminine and really complement my figure.


I have been really inspired over the years by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. It’s a hugely motivational book and one that has had a positive impact on my life.

The Secret gives you direction, self-belief and has shown me how to take control of my life. I always feel positive whenever I read the book. If ever friends are feeling down, then I will always give them a copy of it.


I’m very much a bag girl – and I own so many bags that I am afraid to admit I don’t even know how many I have!

My favourite is my Hermes Birkin bag I’ve had for years and years. I love it because it has such a beaten-up look about it. My Birkin and I have had so many fun nights out and I grab it whenever I am dashing out. It’s perfect for any occasion.


I enjoy cooking and I’m particularly fond of rustling up a broccoli or leek-and-potato soup from scratch with my hand whisk. I love soups because they are so healthy, but I’m also partial to roast lamb and that’s my other signature dish. I really enjoy spending a Sunday afternoon preparing the roast with all the trimmings.
I like to ride my bicycle: Kelly's favourite hobby is cycling


I put on make-up whenever I am working and I always use By Terry cheek blush because I like the glow it gives off. It’s a cream-based blush and smells of roses. I am using the Blush Pink at the moment and I think it suits my complexion.


My favourite form of relaxation is to head out on my bike — I’ve got a vintage Pashley bicycle that I’ve had for years. I really switch off whenever I start pedalling and there’s nothing better than cycling to Richmond Park for a picnic. It’s so beautiful.


I moisturise religiously twice a day, morning and night. It makes such a difference if you look after your skin. I’ve been using Linda Meredith’s products for six years. I find that her Gommage gel peel works wonders at gently removing your dead skin, leaving you with a real glow.
Must-see TV: Kelly is enjoying this year's series of The X Factor


I love everything about Italy – the people, food and the scenery. There is this beautiful hotel on Lake Garda, Villa Feltrinelli, which I went to a few years ago with my then boyfriend. We found it by chance and it really was breathtaking. It is the prettiest hotel I’ve ever visited and I’d love to return one day.

I have such lovely memories of the place because the hotel’s setting was so wonderful. Italy is a country I will always love visiting.


I am a huge fan of Adele and I am always playing her tracks, particularly her debut album, 19. I first saw her a couple of years ago at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

If I am truthful, I didn’t actually know who she was back then as we had turned up to watch Chaka Khan. They were, in fact, supporting Adele. When she came on the stage, she blew me away. I’ve been a big fan ever since as she is such an incredible singer. I do try to sing along to her tracks, but I fail miserably!
Happy feet: The model continues to dance whenever she can after enjoying
her time on Strictly


I can’t resist watching The X Factor on a Saturday night — everyone talks about the show and I need to make sure I’m up to date. I’m not missing Simon Cowell this year because I feel it’s more about the acts and the performers, rather than the judges.


I’ve watched the Postman Always Rings Twice again and again. I love Jessica Lange’s relationship with Jack Nicholson and she is an actress I hugely admire. Not only does she have great stage presence, but she’s also very sexy in the film. In fact, I love her films. She’s amazing.
Kelly's heroes: Singer Adele, left, and actress Sophia Loren


Ever since I appeared on Strictly Come Dancing four years ago, I’ve tried to keep dancing up as a hobby. My favourite style is salsa. If ever I’m feeling down, I’ll put on my dancing shoes and go to a salsa class. I love it and it’s also a great way of burning off calories.


My biggest downfall is cheese. I love melted camembert with breadsticks, washed down with a nice glass of red wine. Although I don’t eat it a lot, it is my treat dish that I love having every now and again.


Sophia Loren is my icon. I admire her talent, beauty, style and her sense of fashion. She is the ultimate pin-up.