Kim Kardashian - world's first 3D magazine' cover girl

Justify FullKim Kardashian is racy in lace as she poses in an array of revealing outfits for the 'world's first 3D magazine' cover
By Daily Mail Reporter

She is famous for her distinctive curvy figure and striking exotic looks.

So you couldn't really blame Kim Kardashian for taking the opportunity to parade both to full effect for a new magazine photo shoot.

The 30-year-old reality star showed off her hourglass shape in an array of sexy outfits, including an all-in-one lace bodysuit complete with sky high Christian Louboutin black heels.
Hell for lace: Kim Kardashian pouts as she poses in a see-through lace bodysuit for the forthcoming issue of World's Most Beautiful magazine

The photographs, which Kim posted on her website, were filmed for World's Most Beautiful magazine in a disused mining town in the California desert by her favourite photographer Nick Saglimbeni.

They new publication, which hits U.S. news stands on Thursday, will be 'the world's first 3-D magazine,' according to Kim.

'So you need 3-D glasses to see the photos! How cool is that!?' she wrote. 'I’m The World’s First 3D Magazine Cover Girl!'
Scantily clad: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star poses for the cover of the magazine in a revealing outfit of black miniskirt, bra and a beige jacket

And she certainly seemed to enjoy her shoot, posting several behind-the-scenes shots on her site including her getting her makeup done, and examining the finished shots.

'Nick Saglimbeni came up with the idea and we had the most amazing shoot out in the desert with all kinds of stunning outfits. I love the black lace body suit! I’m going to make that image my Twitter background!!'

The photographs show Kim in a variety of revealing outfits, with the cover shot featuring the star in a miniskirt made up of black ribbons, a black bra and a beige jacket.

Another stunning picture features her in a sheer black outfit with metal detail on the shoulders and front.
Dramatic: One shot shows Kim wearing a sheer leotard complete with spiky shoulder pads and studded metal detail with black high heels
Three dimensional: Kim posed for the sultry photos in the desert, in an abandoned mining town

According to E! Online, the shoot was kept quiet, with even Kim not aware of the full details - only that she had signed up for a 'top-secret' glam-meets-wasteland shoot in the desert.

Kim told the website she was 'amazed' when she first heard Nick would be shooting her with a 3D customised camera and said the results are 'magical.'

She added: 'I work with Nick all the time and he is my favourite photographer. He just makes everyone feel so comfortable and confident. He just wants to have fun and make beautiful photos.'
Behind the scenes: The excited reality show star is made up on the set of the photoshoot
Hourglass: Kim showed off her curvy figure in an array of clinging outfits, teamed with towering heels

'It's like you're popping out on screen. There are so many exciting things you can do with 3-D. I can't wait to see what you do with it after this.'

However, it seemed the star had to suffer for her art on the shoot.

'We were in this abandoned mining town, doing this shot where I was all glammed out in black lace, and I had to lie down on this old wooden porch,' she told E!

'I got so many splinters, in so many painful places, but I just stayed focused and tried to be sexy. I loved the contrast and how it all came together.'
Kim had a pedicure nearby