Kris Jenner launch her Own fashion line

Not another Kardashian Kollection? Now Kris Jenner announces launch of her own fashion line for QVC
By Tamara Abraham

The Kardashian sisters may be busy with the launch of their debut fashion line for Sears, but it sees their 'momager' has not been idle on that front either.

Kris Jenner today announced the launch of her own cut-price range for QVC, due to go on sale next month.

In a new interview to promote the line, she described how it was based on her own wardrobe staples.
Wardrobe staples: Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has announced the
launch of her first fashion line at QVC

Citing leggings, crisp white shirts and blazers as her wardrobe staples, she told WWD: 'I've wanted to do a collection my entire life. I love the pieces that I wear, and they’re very successful for me, for my lifestyle.

'I spent the first half of my life being a mom, having six kids, so now I like to look good, and I’ve learned a lot in my 50-some-odd years of trial and error.

'This is a culmination of everything that I love that’s easy, with a few pieces thrown in for night and cocktail because every girl needs something to go out in.'

The line will range in price from $35 for a T-shirt up to $140 for a coat or embellished dress. The launch will initially comprise of just five pieces on September 8, with the full collection to go on sale in October.

Mrs Jenner said: 'One thing I love about the clothes is that they have a great deal of style but they are forever pieces, and the other is they are so well made. You want your clothes to stand the test of time if someone is going to spend a lot of money on an item.'
Easy separates: The 50-year-old's designs are based on favourite items from
her own wardrobe

This is not the first time the Kardashian matriarch has partnered with QVC. She and husband Bruce Jenner collaborated with the network in the early Nineties on a range of exercise equipment, while her eldest daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney launched the K-Dash line earlier this year.

QVC said it had high hopes for the Kris Jenner Kollection, given the success it had already enjoyed with the K-Dash range.

Doug Howe, executive vice president of merchandise, planning and sales, said: 'It’s a first for us to have mother and daughter selling their own lines.

'We have been happy with the K-Dash business, and the girls, being so social-media savvy, have driven significant amounts of e-commerce prior to their show even airing, so I suspect that trend will continue with Kris.'

Mrs Jenner added that this is only the beginning when it comes to her family's fashion enterprises.

'I think to be designing clothes and to expand that into home and children and jewelry and accessories... that’s where I see us going,' she said. 'To a place where we can keep evolving as designers and giving people a little of our own personalities.'