Carey Mulligan takes clothes sheds good girl image new W-magazine shoot

'I've never, never been naked in a film before': Carey Mulligan sheds her good-girl image as well as her clothes as she opens up about her new role in W Magazine
By Daily Mail Reporter

We're used to seeing her playing sweet and innocent types, but good-girl actress Carey Mulligan has finally given us a glimpse of her provocative side.

The coy An Education star has disrobed for the cover of January's W magazine, wearing just a white bra with a top dropping down by her sides.

And inside the publication, Carey is happy to open up even more as she poses for photographer Michael Thompson in a series of stunning portrait shots.
Shedding her good-girl image: Carey Mulligan strips off on the cover of January's W magazine as she opens up inside about her provocative role in Shame

The striking image of the 26-year-old on the front cover appears alongside the tag line: 'Carey Mulligan: Naughty But Nice - The star of Shame sheds her good-girl image.'

And that she does in the eye-opening photos and candid interview.

Carey is currently promoting Steve McQueen's Shame, in which she plays Michael Fassbender's wayward sister Sissy.

The role is a departure for Carey, as she is seen appearing in her first fully nude scene, as well as a challenging suicide attempt storyline.
Departure: The 26-year-old poses for a number of alternative shots for photographer Michael Thompson inside the publication

Speaking of her nude scene, Carey justifies it to the magazine, saying: 'I’ve never, never been naked in a film before; I’ve been topless once or twice, but always in sort of very innocent ways.

'And I’ve always been sort of staunchly feminist about it, I’ve never relished the idea of doing it, and never if it was inappropriate or gratuitous in any way.

'But I just felt it was absolutely right; that’s exactly who she was. She wanted to be seen, she’s an exhibitionist and she’s provocative.'
Different styles: The An Education star showed off her varied looks in the photo shoot, while revealing all about her nude scene and having to sing for the role

And the actress admits she was desperate to land the role, begging co-director Steve McQueen to hand her the part.

'I just talked for an hour. Steve was trying to leave, but I kept on: “No, don’t go - I don’t have the job yet!”...He kept trying to pay the bill, and I said, “No, no, no. Sit down," Carey revealed.

'He got in a cab, but I wouldn’t leave him - I got in, too. Finally he said, “I’m going to my appointment now.” And I said okay. That afternoon, I got a call saying I had the role.'

It appears the actress is going to some lengths to show another side to her normally straight-laced roles.

In the photoshoot for W, she is seen in a series of provocative and dramatic shots.

In one black and white image she has a bed sheet wrapped around her as she stands on a roof, while her cropped hair is backcombed to give it height.

She also poses for a dramatic shot which sees her running down a hallway carrying her shoes.

Carey also adopts a Sixties-inspired look for another photo by Michael Thompson, as her haired is gelled down and her make-up gives off the Twiggy effect.

Throughout the interview, Carey reveals all about the role in the erotic drama, opening up about the various challenges she had to face.
Unveiling all: The way Carey appears on the W cover

Not only did she have to drop her clothes for the part, but Carey also showed off her singing skills.

But she's adamant she didn't have to perfect her voice for the role.

She says: 'I’ve never sung in a movie before. The point wasn’t really that Sissy was a great singer—it was more that she attracted people.

'I sing “New York, New York” in the film, and Steve wanted it live. We did 15 takes—because every time I made a mistake or my voice fell out of tune or I lost my breath, we’d have to cut, and Steve wanted to do the whole thing in one go.'

And Carey even had to make up her own lyrics for one special scene: 'At one point he wanted Sissy to sing something else and asked me to make up a song. He said, “You’re an artist, aren’t you? We can’t afford the rights to a famous song, so make one up.”

'I was walking around the room thinking, How do you write a song?! Eventually I made up this really bluesy song and sang two lines.'
January cover: Carey begged director Steve McQueen for the role
and wouldn't take no for an answer

The shots are a welcome change for the star, who recently appeared posing in the same photo on the covers of Glamour, Elle and Vogue in the space of just 14 months.

It was first seen gracing the cover of U.S. Vogue in October 2010, then was used by German Glamour in December 2010, and then, mysteriously resurfaced on Elle France for their November 2011 issue.