Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan shows perfect pins festive photoshoot

'I'm not confident with my body... I hate my ears!' Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan bemoans insecurities as she shows off her perfect pins in festive photoshoot
By Daily Mail Reporter

With her perfect curves, long legs and adoring boyband star fiancĂ© Max George, it’s hard to believe Coronation Street favourite Michelle Keegan has body issues.

But the three times Sexiest Female British Soap Awards winner reveals she is not as body confident as people may think.

Posing for a festive Christmas shoot for new! magazine, Michelle confessed: 'I’m not confident at all, I’m just very laid back. I’ve still got insecurities, which I think every girl’s got.'
Bubbly brunette: Michelle Keegan dons a gold and cream asymmetrical dress and sophisticated do that hides the ears she hates, perched on a bottle of champagne

She added: ‘I’m not 100 per cent confident with my body and obviously there are things that I hate, like my ears, but I’m quite laid back about it.'

Getting into the seasonal spirit, Michelle put any insecurities aside for the glamorous shoot.
Adding sparkle: Michelle Keegan gets comfy in a giant gold martini glass, although she confesses she doesn't like the taste of alcohol much herself

The bubbly brunette posed daintily in a white and gold-trimmed asymmetrical dress, atop a giant bottle of champagne.

In another she perches in a black and gold sequined number in a giant martini glass.
Coronation Street star: Michelle shines in a black and gold strapless dress,
for the festive New! magazine shoot
Pressies: Michelle sparkles in a sequined number, paired with
silver shoes and crisp white collar

But when it comes to her own drinking habits, Michelle may not be the greatest fan of either tipple.

She revealed: ‘I don’t actually like the taste of alcohol. I drink to get drunk, really!’
Having a ball: Michelle balances herself precariously on a red bauble,
glittering with sequins and her new engagement ring

Michelle can’t wait for the impending December 25, particularly as she’ll be spending her first with fiancĂ© George of The Wanted.

Max proposed with a ring and a puppy in June this year, after just six months together, catching Michelle by surprise.

She’s now looking forward to spending quality time with him over the festive season.
Cover girl: Michelle features in new!

She said: 'I’m looking forward to it more than ever, actually. He works away quite a lot, so I don’t really get the chance to see him, but at Christmas we’ll spend lots of time together.'

As late as last week, Michelle revealed she still had no idea what she was going to get Max.

She said: 'He's got everything! He hasn't got any hair, so I can't get him hair products.

'He only likes one aftershave so I can't buy him that, and he wears the clothes he gets given at shoots. I'm panicking!'