Katie Price fails to crack a smile on USA trip

If the wind changes you'll stay like that... Katie Price fails to crack a smile on USA trip
By J J Anisiobi

Most people would have been beaming from ear to ear if they could trade the cold British winter for some Californian sunshine.

But Katie Price didn't appear to be happy at all during her time in the States.

The glamour model was rarely seen without looking slightly annoyed.

Why so serious? Katie Price doesn't crack a smile as she departs from LAX yesterday


Aren't you hot? Katie was wearing a fur-trimmed cardigan as
she made her way through LAX airport

Even as she arrived at Los Angles International Airport yesterday, she didn't seem happy to be making the trip back home to Great Britain.

The mother-of-one arrived at LAX in a creme cardigan with a fur trim and was escorted by a number of airline staff into the terminal.

She was quickly bustled into a side entrance normally reserved for employees before being taken through security.

Earth calling Katie: Miss price waits for her security escort to into LAX

At the security check point Katie was treated like every other passenger and was told to remove her cardigan and put her computer in a tray to be scanned.

She remained hidden behind her large sunglasses and kept her lips firmly clasped.

This afternoon Katie arrived at London Heathrow and maintained her no smile policy.

Going home: The mother-of-three looked miserable as she waited to go through security

Anything to declare? The reality star emptied her bag and pulled out an iPad at security

She was met once again with a security escort and quickly made her way through Arrivals and out of the airport.

Her lips appeared to be slightly more full than usual and at one point she tried to conceal her pout.

She appeared to be distracted by her mobile phone and was checking it constantly.

Big mouth: Katie kept her mouth closed and her lips locked

Perhaps her ex-husband Peter Andre has something to do with her blue mood.

The Mysterious Girl singer admitted to Piers Morgan that he suffered panic attacks after the breakdown of his marriage to Price, who he divorced in 2009.

Appearing on an episode of Piers Morgan's Life Stories, Andre broke down in tears as he spoke about the split.

He said: 'I think that's what hurts the most about what went wrong a few years ago. Because I'd just come from the worst place in my life. I'm not blaming anybody, but when I finally found happiness (with Katie), it was the first time I'd felt good.

'I felt good about everything. I think that's probably why I've never been able to (move on)... I've moved on in leaps and bounds in one way but in another way I'm still a bit tortured inside.'

Whilst abroad Katie made no secret of the fact that she had spent her time in LA working up a sweat in the gym.

And it looks like she was keen to show off the effects of her hard work last weekend.

The 33-year-old hit The Grove in LA wearing some very daring purple hot pants.

Flaunting her thighs: Katie Price hit The Grove in LA in a tiny pair of shorts for a shopping session this weekend

She trod the streets in a pair of knee-high boots and a black sleeveless top by online brand AX Paris, looking like she meant business behind her gigantic black sunglasses.

Her ensemble was somewhat less laid back than might be expected for a day out shopping with girlfriends.

And Katie's certainly earned the right to relax, having just wrapped up what has sounded like a brutal exercise plan with former Gladiator star, Mark 'Rhino' Smith.


In shape: Katie's toned thighs were a testament to all her recent gym sessions

She posted a picture of herself hard at work in the gym earlier today, writing: 'My last session today with @MarkRhinoSmith', before adding another one, captioned 'I'm certainly feeling fitter. Wooooo.'

Mother-of-four Katie accompanied another shot with the caption: 'A blast from the past friend @MarkRhinoSmith I was in panto with about 14 years ago has been training me in LA.'

Katie is seen standing next to 42-year-old Smith, who bares his own muscles with pride by going shirtless for the occasion.

Been put through her paces: Katie's certainly earned the right to relax, having wrapped up a brutal exercise plan with Gladiator star, Mark 'Rhino' Smith

It seems Katie had decided to embark on a new regime after complaining about her figure earlier this year.

In July, Katie shocked fans when she posted a shot of her incredibly flat stomach on her Twitter page after following a no-carb diet plan with just a juice for breakfast.

But after causing controversy with the shot, Katie said she had decided to share the picture to put rumours she was expecting a baby with then-boyfriend Leandro Penna to bed.

Working up a sweat: Katie posted this picture of her last workout with Mark Smith today

She explained at the time: 'I'm sick of death of magazines keep saying I'm fat I'm pregnant, and its enough to give me a complex let alone other girls out there.'

'I don't have a complex but I put that on there to say "does it look like I've got a bump? do I look like I'm pregnant?"'

Katie may be feeling a little emotional after hearing what her ex-husband Peter Andre had to say about her on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The Australian said that he still loved her, but only as 'the mother of his children', and that as far as he was concerned, 'business is finished.'

'I've moved on in leaps and bounds in one way, but in another way I'm still a bit tortured inside,' he confessed nevertheless.