Perrie Edwards christens Little Mix nicknames

Meet Boho, Swagger, Cutie and Fiery! Perrie Edwards christens Little Mix with nicknames... just like the Spice Girls
By Nadia Mendoza

The Spice Girls catapulted to fame with the help of nicknames, making fans across the globe relate to each of them individually.

And just as Sporty, Posh, Ginger, Baby and Scary became household name - it seems Little Mix have cottoned on, with Perrie Edwards christening the quartet with new titles.

The South Shields teenager, 18, claims she is 'Boho', while bandmate Jesy Nelson is Swagger Mix, Jade Thirlwall is 'Cutie Mix' and Leigh-Anne Pinnock is 'Fiery'.
Haute couture: Little Mix get festive on Grazia magazine's Christmas cover, wearing heeled ankle boots and McQ by Alexander McQueen dresses

In this exclusive photoshoot for Grazia magazine’s Christmas cover, the girls look incredible in heeled ankle boots and McQ by Alexander McQueen dresses.

With their new found fame, an influx of party invitations and VIP events will be winging their way to the 'lil' muffins', but Perrie maintains they will stay on the straight and narrow.

'Me and Jesy don’t drink alcohol. None of us have ever smoked a cigarette. There are no boys for us, we’re going to be like nuns. Boys are off the menu, yes. We’re just focusing on this.
New found fame: The girls are celebrating their debut No1 song with Cannonball

'The thing that’s good is we're all different, so every girl can relate to one or other of us. I’m like Boho with an Urban Edge Mix, Jesy’s Swagger Mix, Jade is Cutie Mix and Leigh-Anne’s Streetie, Fiery Mix.'

Jade added: 'I've got a boyfriend but he's at home letting me get on with this. He knows how much I want it. He's not threatened, but it's going to be hard. We'll see what happens.'
VIPs: Little Mix attended the prestigious Military Awards at The Imperial War Museum alongside Kate Middleton and Prince William

Speaking of being the first girl group - and only band - ever to win The X Factor, Jade said: 'There is stigma and I don’t know why. Maybe girl groups seem threatening to other girls, and that’s mostly who votes, maybe because they’re dressed up all sexy.

'We aren’t very sexy, that’s just not us. We don’t act like we’ve got to impress anyone and we’re just silly. Once we realised we had girls’ votes on our side, once we felt we had that support, it was amazing. Because it’s about time, isn’t it? That girls liked girls?'
Born performers: Little Mix performed at a private event, believed to be a Bar Mitzvah, next door to the Finchley Synagogue in London

But despite their soaring popularity, Jesy is still the victim of cyber bullying regarding her weight: 'I still get it now... Still, seeing it written down is hard. I told my mum, "I'm a lot tougher than you think!"

'What's upsetting is the amount of girls who've written to me and messaged me because they’re being bullied, too.

'I mean, it’s amazing because they say they don't feel alone anymore. But then it's upsetting because there are so many of them'.
Cover stars: Little Mix welcome their new life

With fame and fortune on the horizon, their bank balances are likely to take on a whole new dimension, with Leigh-Anne saying she’d like to be rich and Jesy hoping to meet Simon Cowell.

Jesy said: 'I think it will happen in January. He sent us some flowers. I actually love him. I was gutted he wasn't on the show this year.'

Speaking of their freebies, Leigh-Anne said: 'The best thing I've had so far is a fake fur coat from Topshop, but someone stole it from the contestants' green room at Wembley!

'I like high street stores. Republic, River Island and I love Topman’s jumpers. I've got a wicked sweatshirt with Fleetwood Mac on the front.'

Having the final word, Jesy said: 'We want to be internationally successful. The important thing is that this is not just a two year thing. We want it to last forever. I can’t live without these girls.'

Little Mix are appearing on The X Factor Live Tour, which kicks off from February 25 2012.

Yesterday, the celebrated their debut single Cannonball reaching No1 in the UK charts.