Celebrity Big Brother 2012 - Georgia Salpa expresses relief shes voted off

'It's so stressful in there': Georgia Salpa expresses her relief to be out of the house as she is voted off Celebrity Big Brother
By Georgina Littlejohn

She has been up for eviction every time during her short stay in the house and yesterday was left in tears after a row with Kirk Norcross.

So it was no surprise to see Georgia Salpa express her relief to be out as she became the latest contestant to be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother.

The Irish model, who had been up with actor Michael Madsen for eviction, told host Brian Dowling that it was 'very stressful in there' as she joined him for a chat upon leaving the house.

Evicted: Georgia Salpa beamed for the cameras as she became the latest celebrity to be voted out of the Big Brother house

And she said she found it quite hard to be in there at times, even though she had had fun and made some good friends.

Looking sensational in a short strapless pink dress, she left the house to a mixed chorus of boos and cheers as she made her way down the steps.

Moments earlier, she had been reassured by Denise Welch that she wasn't going to get booed, and despite admitting that she was 's****** herself', she kept her cool as she walked out the doors and faced the crowd.

On the Big Brother catwalk: Georgia showed off her model moves
as she posed for the cameras

Relief: Georgia couldn't have looked any happier to be out of the house as she kicked up her leg while hugging host Brian Dowling

Hugging Dowling, she said: 'I am relieved, it’s so stressful and so tough in there.'

When he asked her why, she said: 'I found it especially hard, probably more than anyone else. I was so nervous but I'm ok now. I haven't seen what you've seen of Michael - maybe he didn't get voted out because he's got great stories and has had a few fights with Denise.'

Brian then brought up the fact she'd been nominated a lot and asked her if the new rule change, which means housemates can discuss who voted for who, had made it easier knowing who had voted for her.

Hi everyone! Georgia waved to the crowds as she made her way down
the stairs outside the house

She said: ''I knew everyone was going to nominate me and I actually don't care. I'm just not the one to start arguments and all stuff like that because some of it was pointless and I was just there to have fun.'

Georgia said although people had found her to be shy, she wasn't really but had just found it hard to adjust to the house.

She said: 'I'm not shy, but the first few days I felt shy and it took me a long time to settle in, there's a lot of really loud people in the house and it was extremely overpowering.'

You'll be OK: Denise Welch assured Georgia that she would not get booed
as she gave her a big hug

Brian then brought up her relationship with Kirk Norcross in the house, and she said: 'I think he's cute and I had a flirt with him, but he's got a game plan.

'He's got a girlfriend, but he was all over me and I found him too full on and he seemed a little bit fake. If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't be acting like him.'

Georgia tipped the Playboy twins, Karissa and Kristina, to win and said she would love to keep in touch with them.

Flying the Playboy flag: Georgia told Brian that she would like to see the twins again

She said: 'I love the twins, they're great, I really want to see the twins again, we clicked, we're really similar.'

Meanwhile, as the housemates faced the fallout of Georgia's departure, Big Brother announced that they would be conducting face-to-face live nominations that night.

Girl power: Georgia said she wanted the twins to win the show