Kim Kardashian uses the evil eye to ward off trouble as she shops at Chanel

Kim Kardashian uses the evil eye (and a HUGE security team) to ward off trouble as she shops at Chanel
By Amelia Proud

After the year she's had, it's unsurprising that Kim Kardashian's taken to wearing a talisman to protect herself from ill will.

The 31-year-old has become less popular than a dose of flu on Christmas Day during the last 12 months, with her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries marking the apogee of hatred towards the petite brunette.

So today, as she undertook the arduous chore of shopping for another Chanel purse in LA - something that her critics might roll their eyes in disgust over - she wore a head piece featuring the symbol of an evil eye.
Evil eye: Kim Kardashian sported this ancient talisman during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills today

In most cultures, someone with an evil causes harm to another, or is perhaps jealous of another's good luck - something Kim perhaps feels is at the root of her unpopularity.

A way to ward off its nefarious influence is by wearing a likeness of the eye as a talisman, which is what Kim is doing.

However, it's likely that the reality star is making a fashion statement rather than buying into the cultural significance of the symbol.
Warding off bad vibes: Kim may have felt the item was appropriate
given her recent unpopularity
Protected: Kim had quite the team around her as shopped at Chanel in
the uniquely unflattering jumper
We have got her covered: The reality star seemed more than
happy surrounded by her large team

The head piece featuring the eye is designed by her friend, Nicole Richie, and is one of the more expensive items in her House of Harlow 1960 range.

It's listed as a 'three strand evil eye head piece' and can be yours for $165 from

But today, Kim was looking for another bag - or purse depending on what side of the Atlantic you dwell.
A curse on all your houses: Kim perhaps betrays her feelings after the recent backlash with this accessory
Determined shopper: Kim knows what she's doing when it comes to retail therapy
Hat's nice: Kim was seen with a friend who had a rather unusual dress sense

On her arm for this outing was a Balenciaga special, but she and a friend were after a few classic Chanel numbers today.

Kim chose the gold headband to finish off a distinctly unglamorous outfit of frayed jeans and a shapeless sweater, which offered no support to her generous curves.

And if the evil eye talisman failed to offer Kim enough protection, the heavy security presence was bound to keep her safe.
Determined shopper: Kim knows what she's doing when it comes to retail therapy
Oh what do we have here? Kim couldn't decide from the wide range of handbags on offer
Hired help: While Kim smiles wit her friend her helpers carried her luxury goods

Though even the dozens of burly protectors might be unable to protect the businesswoman safe from bad vibes.

She and her friend could hardly care, however, as they enjoyed the Beverly Hills shopping spree in the luxury of her Rolls Royce.

And being the giving kind, she'd offered a big plug for her friend Nicole, if she still has that power in a positive sense.
I'll take the small one: Kim did carry a little bag from the Chanel store while she left bulkier items to her staff
Heading home: Kim jumps into the driver's seat after her shopping spree