Best Brums Britain Women Midlands countrys best bodies

Best Brums in Britain: Women in Midlands have the country's best bodies
By Lauren Paxman

Cat Deeley has had a reputation for having the perfect body for decades. But it turns out that she is far from unique in her home town of Birmingham.

Brummie girls have the best figures in Britain, a new study has found.
The West Midlands city has the highest proportion of size 10 women.

Christine Bleakley is also a good representation of Belfast beauties. The Irish capital has the highest number of women who are size eight and under.
Setting an example: Cat Deeley shows off her perfect figure as it is revealed that her fellow Brummie girls have the best figures in Britain

Meanwhile Cheryl Cole's enviable pins are typical of North East lasses. They are the most likely to have good legs.

And London girls like Daisy Lowe are the most likely to have an hourglass figure.

Scottish women do not fare quite as well. Glasgow and Aberdeen registered the highest number of size 16 women - along with Sheffield where women also apparently have the largest bottoms.

The figures were revealed by Debenhams who analysed the sales of underwear and nightwear up and down the country.

Figures for push-up bras were the highest in Preston and Redditch - implying that women in those areas have the flattest chests.

Sales of bodyshaping underwear and pants were the highest in Sheffield - implying that women there have the most to hide.
Red hot: Typical Geordie with perfect pins Cheryl Cole and London's curvy beauty Daisy Lowe

Women from Liverpool and Leeds embrace their curves... and buy the highest proportion of DD+ size bras.

Debenhams’ Head of Lingerie, Sharon Webb, said: 'Our sales suggest that Brummies have the highest concentration of "perfect ten" women, while other parts of the UK have to work hard to get the ideal figure.'

She added: 'It's fascinating to see how women shape up around the UK.'