Fergie flaunts curves edgy shoot refuses reveal reason Black Eyed Peas big hiatus

Showing off her humps: Fergie flaunts her curves in edgy shoot but refuses to reveal reason behind Black Eyed Peas' big hiatus
By Laura Schreffler

Her band is about to take an indefinite hiatus, but Fergie is denying that her wish to start a family is the cause.

The 36-year-old singer and her Black Eyed Peas bandmates will call it quits on November 23 after their farewell concert at Florida's Sun Life Stadium.

Peas singer Taboo recently revealed that Fergie decided to temporarily call it a day in order to have babies with husband Josh Duhamel.

Where is the love: Fergie reveals that she loves and will miss her Black Eyed Peas band mates, but won't fess up as to why she's taking a break

The London Bridge singer won't admit that she's feeling broody. Instead, in a new interview with Ocean Drive magazine, she says she simply wants some free time.

'We worked really hard. There were days when we weren't sleeping and were doing numbers of shows per day, and it was just go big or go home. We were just all hungry for it and doing it together.'

'I won't miss sleeping in a different hotel rooms all the time. I want to be home because I moved into my house but I haven't really been able to decorate it fully... just going to museums, going to art galleries, picking out art, things like that that I haven't been able to do lately,' she said evasively.
Ready to settle down: The 36-year-old singer is ready to start a family

Band members Taboo, will.i.am and apl.de.ap don't begrudge Fergie wanting to raise kids and she, similarly, returns their love.

'If somebody had a bad day, we had the others to hold each other up. We went through so many unique experiences together that it's really a beautiful thing.'

She added: 'I choked up just the other night at Central Park when we did that show [a benefit concert]. These are great celebrations of our friendship, and we know it's going to be a while before this happens again, so we're just taking it in right now and just really enjoying each moment.'
Cover girl: Fergie appears on the November cover of Ocean Drive Magazine

Although Fergie won't come clean about the band's breakup, Taboo did so for her.

'We have to respect Ferg. Ferg is our sister. She definitely wants to have a family, and we're happy for her,' he recently told New Times.

When asked if the indefinite break was to give Fergie time to build a family, he answered: 'You have to, dude. Once you start putting orders and c**k-blocking certain situations, things start going sour.'

'You can't neglect. You can't not respect people's wishes. As our sister, we have to give her space.'

Back in black: The Get It Started singer leaves her home in LA looking chic

He denied that his female bandmate is currently pregnant, but says that she could hear the pitter patter of little feet at any time.

'When that time comes, I'll get to that point. Right now, she's still. I don't know if they're working on that yet.'

'She's focusing on getting through this year, finishing up strong with the Peas. When that time comes -- it doesn't just happen like "Oh, I'm pregnant tomorrow," it's gotta be planned out. And I think she and Josh deserve it. They're such a great couple.

Happy to be with her hubby: Fergie and Josh Duhamel are ready for children

The singer and her New Year's Eve star husband, 38, have been married for almost three years.

She told OK! magazine last year that she was too busy to have children, but it appears that her major obstacle has been removed.

'It's all about Black Eyed Peas - there's no room in my schedule to have a child. Even if I wanted to get pregnant, there's no way I could perform on stage and be pregnant - I would feel too guilty.'

She added: 'Once I have children, the kids come first. One thing at a time for me. There's a saying. I forget who said it, but it was a really good quote that said women can have it all, just not all at once. It's too much if you're doing everything at once.'

Taking time out: Apl.de.Ap, Taboo, Will.i.am and Fergie of the
Black Eyed Peas will be taking a break