Want drop dress size seconds Forget dieting just slip pair high heels

Want to drop a dress size in seconds? Forget dieting, just slip into a pair of high heels
By Maysa Rawi

Fad diets, expensive gym memberships, even going under the knife - some women will go to great lengths to perfect their figures.

But it seems there is an easier way to lose weight - and it only takes a few seconds.

If chosen carefully, a mere pair of shoes can have a dramatic slimming effect on the wearer – creating the illusion of having dropped a dress size.

Spot the difference: The model wearing nude platforms,
looks a dress size smaller than when she wears flats

So dramatic is the effect that when asked to guess the dress size of the same model in two images, people shown the image of her wearing the slimming shoes gave an average of one size smaller than those shown a picture of her without the 'magic' shoes on.

The 'winning formula' appears to be a nude shoe with a platform heel, a department store revealed.
Secret weapon: The Duchess of Cambridge is never without her nude courts, left, Victoria Beckham used Louboutins to conceal her post-baby figure and Beyonce wears a pair to hide her baby bump, right

The Head of accessories for Debenhams said: 'If followed to the letter, this formula gives women the chance to walk in the shoes of the famous tricksters of our time – creating a slimmer silhouette in an instant.'

Technologists created the formula when they noticed an onslaught of celebrity women, including Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and most recently Ed Miliband’s wife Justine wearing similar nude high heels.

The formula combines a combination of tricks that give the impression of lengthened legs and tighter thighs while encouraging the torso to be pushed out, in turn flattening the stomach.

Natelle Baddeley saysd: 'This is a diet in a shoe!

'Once you have found the perfect pair all you need to do is slip on your shoes to instantly transform your silhouette. It’s the perfect party cheat.'

High profilers who currently benefit from this sneaky cheat are A-listers such as Beyonce Knowles, Victoria Beckham, Alesha Dixon, Jessie J and Sarah Jessica Parker to name but a few.


  • Choose a nude colour which matches your skin tone. This works as an extension of the leg
  • Platforms should be concealed and at least a centimetre in depth to ensure maximum lengthening
  • Heel height is critical; go for at least three inches as added height instantly gives a slimming effect
  • Heel width should also be considered. Thick heels draw the eye and break the illusion, so stick to stilettos
  • Ankle straps should be avoided at all costs as they cut the leg short, making them look shorter and wider