Tamara Ecclestone giving peek glided lifestyle

Poor me! I'm just naive, says Tamara Ecclestone (giving us another peek at her glided lifestyle)
By Paul Revoir

Her pet bulldog has its nails painted pink at Harrods, she owns a car turntable so she doesn’t have to reverse her Ferrari into the road and there are 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels in her walk-in wardrobe.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that the lavish lifestyle of Tamara Ecclestone has not exactly won her many friends in today’s financial climate.

Now, however, the 27-year-old daughter of billionaire Formula 1 boss Bernie, has come up with a bold plan to redeem herself – by going for the sympathy vote.

Daddy's little girl: Tamara Ecclestone, 27, poses on the bonnet of her Ferrari 559, she has hit out at critics, saying she is 'vulnerable just like any other girl'

She has attacked those who assume she is a ‘monster’, and claimed that, despite her immense fortune, she is ‘vulnerable like any other girl’.

But she did accept that she is a ‘prime target’ for criticism given the gloomy economic conditions. ‘I’m naive, impulsive and sometimes don’t think things through,’ she said. But she added: ‘People assume I’m a monster, have no emotions, and bad things haven’t happened to me. I’m vulnerable like every other girl in the world, good days, bad days, arguments with my boyfriend.

‘I’m not going to sit here and say, “Woe is me.” Obviously I’m very fortunate and don’t have to worry about electricity bills, but sometimes it’s hard: people can be friends for the wrong reasons.’
Just like any other girl: Tamara Ecclestone said she is a 'prime target for criticism' because of her wealth and wants to show her 'other side' on new TV show


Filming: Tamara Ecclestone, seen leaving ITV studios (left) and on the red carpet, said her new show, Billion $$ Girl, show is a 'win-win'
Stepping out on her own: Tamara Ecclestone (right), with her sister Petra Ecclestone and F1 boss father Bernie, said her new show is her 'right to reply'

Luxury: Tamara has access to a wide range of spectacular cars, including this convertible Rolls Royce, a Mercedes 500 and a Ferrari - plus also flies using a private jet

Just like one of the girls! Tamara Ecclestone shows off her walk-in wardrobe which has £70,000 worth of shoes
She also denied reports that she is spending £1million on a crystal bath. She told the Radio Times: ‘I won’t lie – I love luxury. But it is just not me to spend that on a bath.’

Whether her latest project will help improve her popularity remains to be seen. This week the model and TV presenter will appear on our screens in a Channel 5 reality TV series about her life called Billion $$ Girl.

She said: ‘Viewers couldn’t have a worse opinion of me, so I’m in a win-win situation. This is my right to reply. It’s a bit of fun. If they’re going to hate me, they will.’ But she admitted her mother, ex-Armani model Slavica Ecclestone, at first thought she was a ‘lunatic’ for agreeing to the show.

Last week Miss Ecclestone revealed her astonishing walk-in wardrobe, which includes around £70,000 of shoes, £100,000 of handbags and designer dresses that she usually only wears once.

And in the latest insight into her extravagant lifestyle, she tells how her dogs are cared for at Harrods’s pet salon, where her bulldog not only receives a facial, but also has its nails painted pink.

Miss Ecclestone is dating stockbroker Omar Khyami, 37. This summer he bought her a Ferrari 599 GTO, worth around £370,000.

She said of him: ‘It takes a strong person not to be threatened by my family.

‘I’d like to marry, but I want to concentrate on my career first [a line of hair products], as does he.’ Her TV career to date has included fronting the Red Bull air race and presenting the Formula 1 coverage for GMTV.

‘I presented Formula 1 on Sky Sports Italia in Italian for two years, so I can’t be a complete moron,’ she said.

Her website reads: ‘Not one to take her privileged life for granted, Tamara gives back wherever possible.’
A snapshot into her life: How the Mail reported Tamara's wardrobe last Wednesday